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Following are just a few helpful hints to keep in mind while in Russia:

  • Never give a woman an even number of flowers. Even numbered flower arrangements are for funerals. Always give flowers in 3ís, 5ís, 7ís, etc.

  • If you cross your legs keep the sole of your shoe facing the ground. It is a show of disrespect to show the sole of your shoes.

  • While riding the metro and busses be sure to always offer your seat to someone older then you or those of the fairer sex.

  • If you are lucky enough to be invited to a Russian flat for dinner, be sure to brong a gift for your hosts - a bottle of wine or flowers or good Russia chocolate is always welcome. If there is a child donít forget to bring a small gift.

  • Never shake hands through the threshold of the door. This is considered bad luck. In Russia men do not shake hands with woman - it is not proper behavior - "Hello" and a smile will be more appropriate when you greet a woman, unless the lady wants to shake with you (Western influence). You may kiss the ladyís hand if you want to show a special respect towards her, though sometimes it is a little old-fashioned.

  • Offer to share your snacks and/or cigarettes with those around you.

  • Be prepared to remove your shoes when entering a home. Most hosts will provide you with a pair of slippers.

  • Do not put your thumb between your first two fingers - you will not make many friends by doing this.

  • Never whistle while inside a building, if you do you will soon lose money.

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